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Nursing Unit Clerk

It’s never too late

For Harpreet Dhaliwal, becoming a Nursing Unit Clerk was much more than a career choice. It was her dream. She had to keep this dream on hold for more than a decade to fulfill her duties as a wife, daughter,…
Harpreet at her Graduation Ceremony. She became a NUC and was nominated Student of the Year by her instructors and classmates.

Mom of the year

“They say your forties are the best years, and I am starting to think they’re right!” Going back to school in her forties was a tough decision for Lindsay McAuley. She had a young family to help look after and…
lindsay mcauley

Global Change

Lin Bi is a proud Nursing Unit Clerk graduate from Stenberg College. When she moved to Vancouver from China, she was searching for a better life, and she found it. It was not an easy decision to move across the world…
Lin Bi worked hard to graduate as a Nursing Unit Clerk. She now settled in Canada with a job in her area of study.

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