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Medical Laboratory Assistant

Medical Laboratory Assistant
Mahboobeh Eslamisamani

Starting over with heart and humility

Mahboobeh Eslamisamani is one of those rare human beings who dedicates their life to helping others. “I’m passionate about being there for my friends, family, neighbours, everyone,” she says. Dedicated to improving the lives of those around her, it was…

Finding happily ever after 

Carol has achieved her dreams. She is helping people as a Medical Lab Assistant at St. Paul’s Hospital. She brought her mom to Canada. She has found love and recently married a wonderful man named Michael. “I feel very happy…
Carol Nian Medical Laboratory Assistant | Stenberg College

Fairy tales do come true

Gurpreet found Stenberg College’s Medical Lab Assistant (MLA) Diploma program. “I wanted to work in health care but I wanted a quick program. I had tried other jobs but didn’t feel fulfilled.” Almost immediately after starting the MLA program, Gurpreet…

Connecting the dots

Harmeen Cheema’s transformation from a lost high schooler to a motivated Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) is an inspiration for young adults in a similar boat. While many remain lost, Harmeen found her path. When she was in high school, Harmeen…
Harmeen wearing her graduation gown. She graduated with honor as an MLA.

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