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Practical Nursing

Practical Nursing
Mariya Voloshyn

Never stay in the intersection

As the visitors said goodbye, Mariya Voloshyn saw the sadness in her patient’s eyes. She approached the hospital bed and said, “I’m going to make you a deal. If I smile at you, you have to promise you’ll smile back.”…
MARIYA VOLOSHYN, Practical Nursing

A nurse is born

“When I saw my grandma getting older, I wanted to take care of her, but didn’t know how.” Seeing family members face health challenges cemented Justine’s future. “I finally found my purpose. Nursing would allow me to help my family…
Justine Jimeno Licensed Practical Nurse | Stenberg College

Rewriting her Story

So passionate and driven, it is surprising to learn that for most of her life, Ji’s career aspirations were “to just clock in and out of a mundane job.” How does someone with such indifference toward a career end up…
Ji in graduation gown

The transformative power of education

Nelofar Rahimi, or Nelly as friends know her, was born in Pakistan, the child of Afghan refugees. When she was just five years old, Nelly and her family immigrated to Canada and settled in Burnaby. Recalling the sacrifices her parents…

Finding passion and pride in nursing

It was hard for Stefania Jimenez to talk about herself. Accustomed to focusing on her patients and taking care of others, Stefania usually asks the questions. She let out a small laugh when asked what makes her a good nurse,…

The Art of IV Testing

As the Practical Nursing semester is soon approaching an end, I have completed yet another lab exam to prepare for nursing in an acute unit. This time we were tested…
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