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Counselling Therapist

Mental Health Tips for Everyday Use

In these challenging times, it’s become necessary to take care of our mental health. Stressors like Covid, work, studies or finances can take their toll on our physical and mental health. While we can’t stop stress from happening, we can…

Counselling Therapist

About the Career Whether supporting someone through a challenging time, motivating them to achieve their goals, or guiding them to personal insights, a counsellor helps others to change their own lives. This program will enhance your existing skill set and…
Counselling Therapist in the office with a patientCounselling Therapist in the office

With an open heart and an open door

Jes excelled at harnessing external resources, such as community services and family support. However, something was missing. She recognized that having the ability to support clients’ internal resources, such as resiliency and emotions, could create permanent change.
Jes graduating from the Counselling Therapist program

Top 4 Skills Successful Counsellors Need

Empathy, reflective listening, building rapport, and strong communication skills are key traits every successful counsellor needs. Each of these skills are taught at the beginning of Stenberg’s Counselling Therapist Diploma program and in my opinion, become the foundation for our…
CTPP Blog - Samara

Self-Care During COVID-19

It is very important to maintain our mental health. Physical distancing can have us feeling lonely and in some cases, isolated. In my opinion, self-care is especially important for maintaining mental health during this time. I have been encouraging my…
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Scars and all

“The Counselling Therapist program has given me tools I can use for myself. And I have. They are tools I can share with my clients. They’ve helped me learn that…
V wearing her Grad gown. She was nominated as Student of the Year by her Counselling instructors and classmates.

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