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Cardiology Technologist

Taryn’s Clinical Adventure

Hi there, folks! I hope your new year is going well. As usual, time is flying, and a new month means a new blog post. Since the end of November, I’ve been completing my clinical preceptorship at the hospitals in…
Taryn Rowland on her last clinical

A mother’s love

In August 2017, Carmen and her four-year-old daughter packed their bags in China to join her husband halfway across the world so their family could be together. A year after arriving in Canada, she gave birth to her second child.…
From China to Canada | Stenberg College

Race to success

Janelle Hay proves winners never quit. Her can-do attitude is uncommon in someone so young and her determination to achieve is rarer. Janelle’s path to becoming a Cardiology Technologist was…
Janelle Hay, Stenberg Cardiologist Technologist graduate and 2019 Student of the Year winner.

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