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Psychiatric Nursing

Psychiatric Nursing
Farah Surani

Farah’s determination and compassion

When Farah Surani first arrived in Vancouver, the crisis facing the unhoused community stirred strong emotions in her. Like many others, she initially held misconceptions about homelessness, assuming it was a matter of choice related to substance use and addiction.…
Farah Surani, Psychiatric Nursing

From if to when

It’s hard to believe that less than 10 years ago, Oksana was terrified to leave Ukraine and start over in Canada… but she did. Today, she is a happy, successful, and confident Registered Psychiatric Nurse who makes a difference in…
Oksana in her grad cap and gown smiling at the camera.

A Nurse’s Healing Journey

Lovee Sidhu has always supported and made a difference in the lives of those she loves. As a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Lovee is now able to help others on a professional level in a career she loves.

An Unstoppable Team

Deborah McGregor and Jonathan Hutchings are at ease with one other. They have the kind of love that lets them be comfortable in each other’s presence. The kind of love that stems from a deep respect of one another. The…

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