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Psychiatric Nursing

Psychiatric Nursing

About the Career A Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) directly cares for those with mental illness, physical and developmental disabilities, and addictions. Registered Psychiatric Nurses also promote optimal mental health across community and health care settings. RPNs work in challenging clinical…
Psychiatric Nursing Program | Stenberg College

A Nurse’s Healing Journey

Lovee Sidhu has always supported and made a difference in the lives of those she loves. As a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Lovee is now able to help others on a professional level in a career she loves.

An Unstoppable Team

Deborah McGregor and Jonathan Hutchings are at ease with one other. They have the kind of love that lets them be comfortable in each other’s presence. The kind of love that stems from a deep respect of one another. The…

Third Semester Psychiatric Nursing Labs

I can’t describe my third semester Psychiatric Nursing Labs without first introducing my lab instructor, Anne Burlington. Anne is a smiling, welcoming and funny person who loves to teach. She’s a world traveller with great stories about her adventures, and…
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