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Licensed Optician

Licensed Optician
Gabriel Visentin

An eye for success

Meet Gabriel Visentin, the 2022 Optician Student of the Year and our 2nd runner-up! Gabriel grew up in Lethbridge, Alberta. At the age of 14, he decided he was looking for more opportunities, and relocated to Toronto for boarding school.…
Gabriel Visentin | Licensed Optician

Finding her fit as a Licensed Optician

When makeup artist, Preet Dhaliwal, faced a challenging situation, she had to think outside-the-box to find a steady career to support her family. Her research took her to a road she hadn’t envisioned for herself- becoming a Licensed Optician. Read…

Never give up on your passion

Becoming a doctor is an extraordinary achievement. It requires years of rigorous education, practice, and discipline. But Dr. Adriana Garcia sacrificed this title to start over and provide a better future for herself and her family. Growing up in Venezuela,…
Adriana smiles on her Student of the Year gown.

Taking control

From going with the flow to taking charge of her life “I was very shy,” Jasmine Chang confessed. If you were to meet Jasmine today, you would not believe that…

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