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Reflecting on the Practical Nursing field

Program: Practical Nursing

I started this blog as a nursing student to share my experiences of my journey and allow others to have an insight into what nursing school entails. Becoming a nurse is what I’ve always dreamed of doing. I love being able to help people get back to their best self and best life. Practical Nursing was the best choice for me, and I am so happy to share my journey so far.

This past year has taught me only the beginning of what the role of a nurse entails. I will be forever learning about this job, the care I provide, and the improvements to be made in medicine and the nursing field. I have learned a lot in the classroom over the past 18 months and even though the program will be ending soon, there is always so much more to learn, see and experience. I will no longer be a student at Stenberg but will always be learning and growing.

In the nursing field, there are so many different avenues to explore. I could work in any particular field, such as a burn unit, surgical, maternity, emergency, medicine, post-op, and so on. The list is endless. I could possibly work with infants, children, older adults, or even in the community. There is no limitation to the nursing field, nor is it defined as a standard job. I love knowing that one day will not be the same as the next, and the job will never become uninteresting because there is so much variety and so much room to expand and develop.

The final exam marks the end of the theory of this program. It is now time to move on to a hospital setting where I will practice my hands-on skills as well as communication skills with real patients. My first placement in the hospital will be in a medicine unit, where we will apply everything we learned in school, ranging from asthma attacks to stroke survivors. This transition is both scary and exciting as I will apply all that I’ve learned thus far and see the potential I have as a nurse. I will no longer be able to rely on teachers or instructors as I have before, as this will be a transition to work as an independent nurse. This feeling is new and exciting, almost like going to kindergarten for the first time without being guarded and protected by my parents. This is it. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Wish me luck on my upcoming shifts and stay tuned for more blog posts.


Check out this video of our Practical Nursing Program.

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