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Education Assistant
Carol Mohanraj

A nurturer’s journey

From a young age, Carol Mohanraj knew she was meant to be a nurturer. She was inspired by the nurses and teachers in her family, witnessing the importance of caregiving. Motivated by the compassion she saw around her, Carol followed…
Early Childhood Education
Mavy Alisian Alvarez

Born to nurture

On life’s many paths, fortunate are those born with a strong, unshaken sense of direction. Mavy Alvarez is one of the lucky ones, whose unwavering purpose came early in her life. As a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a…
MAVY ALISIAN ALVAREZ, Early Childhood Education

Caring for others

Seeking a brighter future for the family, Bimal, her mom, and her brother left everything behind and moved from Fiji to Canada. Two significant family health-scares changed Bimal’s future. It was hard to see her loved ones face health challenges,…
Bimal Naidu Health Care Assistant, Practicum | Stenberg College

Loving to learn, learning to live

Even though life had not always been kind to Sheila, she never failed to see the bright side. Sheila’s passion has always been working with children and she knew becoming an EA is where she would excel. She researched and…
Sheila Mugford Education Assistant | Stenberg College

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