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Meet Preet! Stenberg’s Optician Student

Program: Licensed Optician

Makeup artist who found her fit as an Optician

There’s a saying that elders always tell us, “One should never stop learning”. By trade, I’m a hair and makeup artist. By education, I’m a historian mixed with a little philosopher’s guilt. But on every path I’ve treaded, life’s sent me some random detour I was not prepared to travel. So, when life sent me grapefruit instead of lemons, I still needed to make lemonade. I needed a profession that was transferable across Canada, within the fashion industry, and allowed me to still work as a makeup artist. My research led me to the Licensed Optician program.


Making the best of both worlds

As a makeup artist, I spend my day facing different faces. Working in my field is amazing and rewarding, and after seeing how a pair of glasses gives someone the same confidence boost as the good makeup, I saw it as another indication that I was stepping into the correct field. I wanted to build upon the knowledge I already had and becoming a Licensed Optician student seemed like the right step forward.

Why did I choose Stenberg?

After my initial research, I came across people who had either attended Stenberg or knew someone who attended Stenberg. Online research is great but there is nothing better than meeting strangers and listen to their experience. I would hear comments like although the program at Stenberg was extremely tough, it was much better than a four-year program at a university. Grads told me I would learn more than I needed to pass the licensing exam. This caught my eye! Stenberg brings in instructors that teach you to be extraordinary and be a step above the competition.

Whether you want to become an Optician student or not, just know that you should never stop learning. Take what you are good at and see where else in the world you can apply it. Follow my blog to learn about my journey into this new world of opticianry! I encourage you to follow Nik’s blog to learn why an industry professional wanted to become a Licensed Optician.

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