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My Preceptorship Experience

To be honest, I was very anxious to start my first day at the Cardiology Department. My Anxiety was due to the fact how the staff is going to be, if my supervisor is welcoming me to the department and also how the physicians are at the hospital. I must say, I should not have worried at all because all the staff in the cardiology department has welcomed me and was very happy to teach me.

Already within the 1st 10 minutes, I got to observe ETTs and by the 2nd one my supervisor asked me to get the patient from the waiting area and to greet and introduce myself and also verify his name and DOB. Then I was asked to enter all data into the system and write down all necessary information on the test sheet. I can’t believe how much they have trusted me to get to do all of it within the first hour of my first day . Overall it was a great first day at the hospital.

My shifts have been fixed from 8-4pm. At my hospital most of the tests done are stress tests and Holter hook ups . There is a huge amount of patients coming in for ETTs, Echo and Holter. My supervisor wanted me to get more comfortable with the stress tests so she made me perform all tests while she was supervising and gave me feedbacks on my performance. I’m very grateful towards the patients that they have let me perform the tests and at the same time were also patient with me. I made sure that I have thanked them at the end of the test. Since the cardiac clinic was very busy with ETTs, my whole shift consists currently of completing stress tests.

Even though I have been training to do ECGs, Holter hook-ups and analysis, my main focus until the the end of this month will be ETTs. I definitely like the idea that I’m focusing on one thing at a time as in that way I can absorb as much information as possible and get perfect at the technical skills. My weakness for right now is Time Management in regards to preparing the patient for the test. So I need to practise that I prep the patient and have all questions answered within ten minutes so that I have another 2 minutes to complete the test. I also appreciate my supervisors with the feedbacks they give me as it helps me to focus on my weakness so that I can work on them. I’m very happy to have been placed at this hospital with such a great team. It is my responsibility to make the best out of this opportunity and become successful by making my instructors and family proud.

I’m very convinced that my classmates are doing great as well. I can’t wait to see everyone after the practicum. I miss everyone deeply. Looking forward to keep everyone posted about my progress. Until then, all the best to everyone!!!

All is Well!!!



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