Cardio Tech Career

Race to success

Janelle Hay proves winners never quit. Her can-do attitude is uncommon in someone so young and her determination to achieve is rarer. Janelle’s path to becoming a Cardiology Technologist was…
Janelle Hay, Stenberg Cardiologist Technologist graduate and 2019 Student of the Year winner.

Why Cardio Tech?

My name is Dawn Charles, and I’m from the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia. An alumnus of St. Mary’s University (Halifax, NS), my educational background includes a Bachelor of…
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The World of ECGs

I’m very happy that I get to write about the topic of ECGs. As our instructor Ramon always says during ECG Interpretations: “See, how easy it is” it’s definitely easy when…

My CAT0114

When our program started in January, all of us were pretty self-content as we did not know each other before hand. But with Steve’s coaching in terms of a healthy…
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My Classes So Far

Wow, it’s hard to believe that I’m already going into week twelve of the program. Time is definitely flying by! To date my cohort has completed four courses, with only…
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