How I am Going to Pursue my Profession

How I am going to Pursue my Profession…
Techniques that help me in coming a little more closer in reaching my goal

In this blog I would like to share with everyone about some of the techniques I have been using on a daily basis to help me achieve all my goals specially my educational part. I believe that it’s not just only the knowledge we gain from studying itself but also the attitude and actions we take that pay a huge tribute to our overall success. Keeping positive while performing our daily tasks is a big one. We do need to be aware that our attitude in terms of how we represent ourselves will have a big impact on everyone around us. As I always remind myself: “Happiness is contagious “It makes you feel better and also appreciated by most of the people surrounded by you.

Another technique I use which might seem a little weird to others is that I always imagine or visualize myself achieving my goals which will help me become more happier to see myself achieving it and also encourages me to work harder so that whatever I have visualized will come true in real life. 

Show your positive energy

Greeting people you walk by or approach also shows others your positive energy. When someone greets me and asks how I’m doing, I always say “GREAT” or “Awesome “. I’ve noticed throughout my journey that people like to work with me because I’m living my life happily- exactly the way it should be 🙂 And also using a little humor to get through the day definitely makes uncomfortable things a little bit more COMFORTABLE.

For the ones that do not believe in any spiritual power this tip might not be very interesting to read. Anyhow, I strongly believe in God and therefore the time I invest in praying and meditating also makes me become mentally strong to withstand the difficulties I face in life. So far you can see that it takes quite a bit for me to achieve my goals. The techniques that I have mentioned above have also contributed in having me achieve outstanding marks and a great relationship with my classmates for which I’m very grateful.

Achieving my ambitions

There are so many different habits one can choose to make their life easier and happier. We need to be aware of our surrounding as it affects the overall atmosphere be it either in class or at workplace. Really, how hard can it be for you to greet someone with a simple ‘Hello’ or ask how she or he is doing. There is so much power in showing someone that you CARE and are FRIENDLY to them. Simple things like this really make a huge difference in your life and someone else’s. 

I’ve chose this topic to show everyone that my attitude has changed my life and helped me achieve my ambitions and I honestly just want to encourage other students to take similar steps like this to make their life’s easier and happier. At the end you will see how much of a better person you have become.

My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.
Michael Jordan

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Have Questions?

Ask a Program Advisor!

Do you live outside of Canada? Inquire on our international website!

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