EA Course

My last week of practicum

On practicum, I created a bond with a lot of different children, with and without disabilities. For example, one day the children who are a part of the skills department (our students) left to gymnastics but there was no room…
Chelsie on her last day

Levels of Listening

Listening is one of the most important skills to learn in life, and it is especially important as an Education Assistant (EA). Sometimes, people can get so preoccupied with their phones and their lives that they forget to take the…
Can you Hear me Now? Learn what kind of listener you are with Chelsie, Stenberg's Education Assistant student.

Classes so far…

As I’m nearing the end of our class, I have found myself reflecting back on the courses I have taken in this program. I truly enjoyed all of my classes…
Stenberg college outside

Our students
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