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Practicum..then the finish line!

So this is it, school is almost over. Practicum has began. I, unlike some of my class mates, am going to an office. I start my practicum at a Physio therapy office. I am doing this because I did not meet the requirement of the 40 WPM. This is very upsetting at first. I have worked so hard at everything else. My advice to anyone taking this course that has weak typing, get it up in the beginning and keep it up. I did. Then I just fell back into old bad habits. I am from a generation that had just started with data entry and computers, in high school. I just wasn’t into it as a teenager. I was into writing poetry, in my journal. Having said that, I still was very eager and excited to work in an office. I almost liked that idea better, it felt a little more homey. It was the staff were welcoming and I got to see how they did things on a daily basis.

So at first I learned how to do the laundry for the clinic, then I was taught how to clean the rooms, greet the patients and take payments. I got to know the patients and I really liked that part. It felt more on a personal level, rather than in the hospital where I may or may not see these people again. I was shown how to do the inventory and what went where and to keep track of who needed what. There were Hand Therapists as well as Physiotherapists, so there was quite a few different supplies I got to know and their uses.

I also learned the basics of ClinicMaster and booked patients in, called patients with reminder calls and follow ups. I was there 6 weeks, so I learned a lot over that time. It was fun and at first a bit stressful, as the office had just been purchased and were transitioning into a new system. So some kinks needed to be worked out. It was also so different going from school to a new place where you do not know. The staff were very welcoming and I enjoyed going and learning new things everyday.

I have been practising my typing, so I can go for my typing test again. So I can get my Hospital Support Specialist Diploma as well as the Medical Office Assistant Diploma I have already received. I have completed the whole course, know everything about it. It is still so fresh in my mind. I already have my speed up, I just have to schedule a day and go do another typing test. I just want to make sure it is a little higher. I really enjoyed this course, I learned so much in this past year, academically and personally. I have come to realize I am adaptable to any situation, I always look at the good in things. I have awesome people skills, I’m also very easy going and easy to talk to. I made some good friends as well. We spent a year together laughing, crying at times, and all around having a good time. It was strange after finishing school, there was no more homework to do and no more studying to be done. Also going from seeing everyone everyday, to seeing them on social media. How weird!

It feels good to have accomplished so much. Onto the next chapter, of a working girl. Yay! Good luck to you in your journeys and please remember to take deep breaths. Now that I have more time. I started yoga recently and it is an excellent source of stress relief, just with the breathing techniques. Everyone should try it once. Namaste!


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