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Studying – From Theory to Practice

The best part of Stenberg’s education that I’ve truly enjoyed the most, so far, has been the change in learning style. From being in a classroom to doing clinical and off-site computer work at Surrey Memorial Hospital, I have learned a copious amount of knowledge in the past few months in my Hospital Support Specialist Program. I enjoy learning theory from textbooks and by taking notes because it’s one of the ways I learn best. Having a dream of working in a hospital, I was filled with glee when we started the practical courses where we got to do hands-on work in a hospital setting.

Practicing theory

Understanding and seeing how the information we have been gathering over the weeks is going to actually be used is an exciting feeling. In the classroom, it’s acceptable to be a bit more relaxed with your learning whereas when you start getting hands-on practical experience, you have to be more professional and serious. When we started clinical it was a little nerve-wracking at first because I was unsure of how to perform simple tasks that I have learned like taking someone’s blood pressure or their temperature, on other people. But you get a hang of it over time.

Learning for the job

We have been in the computer lab at the hospital for a few weeks and being able to learn on the actual computer system we will be using (depending on which health authority you are hired/have practicum with) gives you such a confidence. At the end of each day I can honestly say that no matter what each course holds or how it is taught, it’s one spectacular feeling knowing that each day you can succeed— whether it is in theory work or practical work.

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