student of the year 2019

An Unstoppable Team

Deborah McGregor and Jonathan Hutchings are at ease with one other. They have the kind of love that lets them be comfortable in each other’s presence. The kind of love that stems from a deep respect of one another. The…

It’s worth it

“Back in India if you’re 30 and starting over, you’re done,” Pankaj’s eyes welled up as he narrated his struggles after immigrating to Canada. For someone like Pankaj who has a Master’s in Science and had a well-paying job in…

Finding passion and pride in nursing

It was hard for Stefania Jimenez to talk about herself. Accustomed to focusing on her patients and taking care of others, Stefania usually asks the questions. She let out a small laugh when asked what makes her a good nurse,…

Connecting the dots

Harmeen Cheema’s transformation from a lost high schooler to a motivated Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) is an inspiration for young adults in a similar boat. While many remain lost, Harmeen found her path. When she was in high school, Harmeen…
Harmeen wearing her graduation gown. She graduated with honor as an MLA.

Never give up on your passion

Becoming a doctor is an extraordinary achievement. It requires years of rigorous education, practice, and discipline. But Dr. Adriana Garcia sacrificed this title to start over and provide a better future for herself and her family. Growing up in Venezuela,…
Adriana smiles on her Student of the Year gown.

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