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Prepping for Practicum

Prepping for Practicum. Tips & Tricks for securing a practicum in health care.

HELLO, week 40!

It seems like just a little while ago I was starting this journey, and now it is nearing the end. We have all been working hard to get where we are in our portion of the Hospital Support Specialist program. That portion being……PRACTICUM! As it draws closer, it is a little nerve-wracking knowing that in a matter of three weeks we will be in our potential place of employment. There is apprehension among some of us, and sheer delight and excitement amongst the rest. I can’t say enough about how much knowledge, prepping for practicum and stuff, in general, is packed into these last couple of weeks to really get us where we need to be.

Catching up with hiring trends

We had “interviews” this week to provide feedback what we could improve during the interviewing process. I myself have not been on an interview in over 10 years, so this was really helpful and eye-opening to just how much the hiring process has changed and what is expected of you to really stand out using only your resume and cover letter.

This experience for me was an excellent source of additional information that can really propel you into the spot you would like to be in upon completion of this course. What you put down in the application makes a difference between who they hire and who they don’t. At the same time, you are essentially describing and assuring yourself that you are the best candidate for the job. You really need to stand out from the crowd when jumping into this kind of work.

Things to consider

There are many things to take into consideration while diving into the healthcare field. For example, I found that the attributes you have, like empathy towards others, may overtake your ability to type 100 WPM. Having said this, although typing is a crucial skill to have in the health care industry, your ability to be empathetic and understanding is a far better quality. It shows you can work with others and have the ability to put yourself in their shoes in what may be an uncomfortable or scary situation.

As for actually having an interview and going on practicum, that is yet to come. But here’s what I have learned so far through the week of prepping for practicum:

  • BE CONFIDENT: even when you are unsure, be confident that your answers are right and will come through in the way you talk and present yourself
  • BE CLEAR: in your phrasing or knowing what you want out of the interview
  • MAKE YOURSELF STANDOUT: this is the best tip I can give you because you want to be memorable no matter how many people they interview.

I am currently on my practicum at the Royal Columbian Hospital and loving every moment of it.

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