So this is it, the last module before practicum. Just when I had a small inclination that it would ease up, it didn’t. I’ve been waiting for this module the whole course. I have the most personal experience in it, I think. I have been to this department the quite a bit in the last 19 years, over 12 times. For MRI’s, Cat scans, x-rays and ultrasounds. All for neck operations in the C1-C2 (cervical spine) area with a bone graft. So having a bit of personal knowledge really helped with knowing some of the terms and the procedures.

An intense course

This course is very intense, but it doesn’t start out like that. The Instructor eased us into it, we thought we were getting an easy course. Except that was not the case. For Medical Imaging it was go go go. There is a lot to remember and it is fast paced. There are a lot of quizzes and tests and projects in between. I put one of the projects off, thinking oh ya I will have time. Boy was I wrong! I got it in, but I had to stay up late two nights in a row, after coming home after 10 pm.

What a lesson that was. It is best to start the projects the first week of the course. Then when the heavy studying comes, that will be your main focus. It was mostly because the course started off so slow. I just thought, oh ya, this will be a breeze. Well fasten your seat belts, because otherwise. It will be a bumpy ride.

Practicum time

So now the exciting time is 3 days away. Practicum! It is bittersweet really, I will miss coming to school and being in the classroom setting with everyone. We are all a bit sad and happy all at the sometime. After being with the same people everyday for a year, it will be weird at first. Then as we all get busy with our practicums, it will pass.

Those that have become close will still keep in touch. I will keep in touch with quite a few of the girls. It’s been such a nice experience growing with them fora year. It has gone by so fast. There we’re times when it dragged out. Like through the summer, that was hard. All my friends and my kids were out enjoying the sun, while I was at school. Also staying in on the nice days was challenging too. It’s just one summer, I kept telling myself, but not really, it was a good transition into the ‘Real World’ there will be any more sunny days and many more I will miss out on. I’m fine with that, it will just give me more appreciation for the ones I will get to enjoy in the future.

This last course is CWS, Community Wide Scheduling. It is easier then the last one and it is at the Annex training building. A bit more training, before going out on Practicum. I will keep you posted on how Practicum is going!!

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