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Into the Hospital for Training

As we creep into Summer, and I have finally eased into the transition of evening classes. The past few months have been the HSS (Hospital Support Specialist) part of the course. The first 7 months was the MOA (Medical Office Assistant) component. This is where it gets a bit more interesting, to me. They have saved the best for last, being the Diagnostic imaging. I cannot wait to learn that part. So far we have learned Registration and ROI (Release of Information). It has been good to see how the Registration system in the hospital works. That’s what going to the Annex building is all about. I had about 21 days learning the different patient scenarios and what areas that they go into when you register them. You would be surprised at how many different scenarios there are to admitting a patient. Not only do you have to admit them, you have to discharge them. If they came in through The Emergency department, and have to go to another ward, then they have to be discharged from the Emergency Department. It’s a lot to remember, in a short time. I have caught on quite quickly though. Once you do it quite a few times, then it gets easier, just like any routine. It all becomes a routine, because you are doing the same sort of thing each time. The instructors have been a great help. Providing much needed guidance and support while we iron out all the kinks that com along with learning something new.

I am fast approaching the practicum part of the course. This week I start Health Records and then I believe it will be onto Diagnostic imaging. It will all go so fast, which I can’t wait for. I am already so excited to get out there and apply all the knowledge I have learned. Release of information was a doozy for me, our instructor was phenomenal. She was so kind and helped me to understand how it all worked. I was a bit lost in the beginning with all the legal jargon and legislation involved. I am so glad I had her as my instructor. She did a fabulous job. With all of the instructors with all their different teaching styles it has been very refreshing to have a different one almost every month, sometimes only for a week or two. It’s nice to hear about all the different areas they work in, one day, an area I may work in as well. It will be back to the training site at Surrey Memorial Hospital for this coming module. In Health Records we will learn even more hands on training at the Annex that will help us on and in the field. Our new Instructor has a lot of knowledge of this particular area and I look extremely forward to hearing from her, over the course of the module with all her years of experience. I get so entwined in hearing about so many different scenarios and knowledge of the job. In just one night I have learned so much. It keeps me interested and wanting to know every single different aspect of this field. It is quite impressive how many different departments you can go into and how many different tiers there are. I look forward to learning more hands on these next few weeks and look forward to my future in this field!!


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