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Balancing it all: Family, School and Life

With a job at least you get to leave, go home and relax. With school you get to go home and do hours of homework, and study equally as much. Even if it is temporary. It interferes with life. It is all you are going to be doing for the next year. So buckle up, it’s about to be a bumpy ride.

It’s early in the morning and I have to get the kids and I out the door, on time. This is a challenge. Especially when your teenager won’t get up, and it is the fourth time trying to get him up. I have to be out of the house in 20 minutes. These are the types of mornings I keep having. No matter how prepared you are the night before. There is nothing that prepares you for a meltdown of your child. In the morning, 2 minutes, before you need to leave. This is not the teenager, but this is the same morning. These are the moments no one tells you about. These are the moments you wonder what you are doing and if you made the right choice. These are the kind of moments YOU want to have a meltdown.

School has taken over my life. In the beginning, it was all I did, then after Medical Terminology, it was a little easier. The homework consumes you. It entangles you and you cannot get free. Now I have a routine in place and it’s working quite well. I have made a lot of changes to make this happen. Setting a schedule works, for the most part. I try to go home right after school and do my homework, but mostly I end up doing errands and not getting home until after the kids are home. On the days I do get home before them and get my homework done are they days I can actually spend an hour and make a good wholesome dinner. Otherwise breakfast for dinner seems like a great idea! It is helpful that kids are easy to please. I think whoever invented KD, nuggets, and the slow cooker, was a genius. Having quick and easy things for them to make or that you can make, can be a life saver. Not exactly the healthy choice, but adding fresh cut up veggies along with anything gets them to eat healthy, without thinking they are. I haven’t put them in any extra curricular activities this year, not that I didn’t want to, they didn’t, so I just never pushed. It works out better right now. 

A year will go by fast, I am nearing the half way mark. So six more months! It has been flying by, before I know it I will be graduating. I am glad my kids have adjusted well. They are older now, so they play with their friends outside a lot, now that the weather is better. Which is great and allows me to study without having to entertain them, as often as I did when they were smaller. This is why I waited to go back to school. The only thing that worries me now, is the upcoming schedule change. I will be starting night classes soon. So just when I thought I had it all figured out, it will change. I think I will like it, only because I will have my mornings back, I used to have a nice morning routine of working out, walking my dog and getting all my errands done. While the kids were in school. Now I will have to come up with a whole new routine. I am excited and apprehensive all at the same time. I know we will work it out, it will just take a little adjusting. Nothing I haven’t handled before.


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