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Spending Time with the Family: Thoughts on the New Year

Program: Hospital Support Specialist

Christmas is approaching really fast… I can’t believe 2015 is almost done for all of us. Finally the moment I’ve waited for has arrived – off from school for a week. Although homework and other school deadlines are still with me. I want to make sure I will have a great time enjoying a few days off with my family, by careful planning and using my time wisely I will still be able to do all my tasks before my one week is over.

Enjoying precious times

One thing I’ve been looking forward to is to spend some days with my kids with no rushing. Enjoying our precious time together with no time limits. I think that’s one of the thing that I truly miss since I decided to go to school. I’m happy that my kids’ time off from school was the same as mine. Being at home with them and finishing some pending chores at home without rushing and driving around will be very relaxing for me.

Despite these busy holidays I know that I still have obligations in regards to completing my school work. So I decided to make a plan to set up dates for myself when I will work on my homework and when I’m going to see my family and friends so that I will still feel that I’m on holidays. I already set up a get together party for my friends and I am looking forward to see them this week. A few invitations from family and friends are already booked.

I’m also planning to go for a short trip with my family and this is what I’m really looking forward to. I think time planning is a very wise choice I made for this year. Especially with the limited holiday time that we were given. I don’t think I will accomplish all of these without planning it and putting on my calendar for a reminder. Honestly, homework and holidays are not a good match but by careful planning and using your time wisely. Everything will go as you want it to be.


A few more days and we will be saying goodbye for 2015. I will say this year wasn’t bad at all for me. There were ups and down in my life – but still I managed to stand up and try to move forward. I still feel great and feel lucky for everything, and one of my best decisions was going back to school – I have no regrets. I think this is one of the best decisions I ever made since coming here in Canada. Perhaps even one of the best decisions that I ever made in my life. I feel more confident about myself compared to the time I was starting this program when I was anxious of everything around me.

I normally do not make any new year resolutions because I always failed of to follow through. But I have lots of things that I’m looking forward to happening during this coming year, 2016. Some of these are to pass all my requirements with all my courses, and I am looking forward to my practicum and excited to find out where I will end up working. I’m just hoping it’s near where I live so I can still drop my kids to their school.

Lastly, I can’t wait to see myself going up on stage to receive my diploma as an Hospital Support Specialist. I hope that I will be able to find employment before the end of 2016.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All! All the best for 2016. Cheers!!!

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