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Outside the online world – the real world learning begins…in Practicum!

It has been a long road! Do I rejoice? Do I relish the completion of the long nights, moments of confusion, moments where I questioned my decision to pursue this path because I thought I couldn’t handle the intensity, my moment of being up for 24 hours trying to interpret rhythms? Do I finally breathe – after all I’ve completed my theory and have gained a wealth of knowledge from my remarkable instructors, who have equipped me with the skills to succeed? Is it really over?

Honestly speaking, four months ago I was aching to be at the end of this program so that I can be relieved in not having to stay up late anymore. But in truth and in fact, it’s just the beginning. I now have to utilize all I’ve learned from my theory, IPE/IOE days and put it into action. My true test is ahead of me – I have to apply all I’ve learned. It’s one thing to have good grades, but it means nothing when you are unable to apply the acquired knowledge effectively.

My days spent observing and practicing at the QEII in Halifax were very beneficial. Not only did they allow me to experience working with actual patients, I was able to delve into the real work environment. I learned call prioritization, working the floors responding to paged calls and the various departments within the hospital. If it were not for my days of observing and gaining experience at the hospital, I would not have learned how to process paperwork associated with patient ECGs and stress tests, handling stretchers and remembering to put bed rails back up after lowering them.

I started my practicum a few weeks ago, and I can safely say that my labs and IPE/IOE helped streamline my transition because I knew what to expect and things were familiar to me. This helped lessen by anxiety due to familiarity.

I’m currently into my final phase of my program and “yes” I am nervous about it. It’s not the kind of nervousness that will prohibit me from performing but a nervousness that comes with the unknown. You know, new work environment and knowing all the things that can go wrong given the field of work. There is so much to learn about the protocols specific to the hospital all of which I can only gain with experience and time. On the flip side, the excitement I feel outweighs my anxiety. I am excited to start something new as this is a career change for me. Moreso, this career change has brought me to realizing my lifelong dream of working in healthcare and helping others. I am so grateful for being able to accomplish this because not too many can fulfill their dreams in this lifetime!

I can’t commend the staff at the QEII enough for the warm welcome and the level of support they have given me. They are so knowledgeable and I feel I can count on them for getting me to the point where I can be a competent CT. They are great team and they exude professional and teamwork in a fun environment!

After this journey of completing my practicum, my true test is the national certification in September. I’m ready to put my all into it again! (^_^)


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