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I find the online learning experience convenient and rewarding with the right level of challenge. I am able to learn and review material at my own pace, schedule my daily routine whichever way suits me and I don’t have to miss appointments or commute to class. If I feel like starting my school day at 6pm I can. On the contrary, without a daily class schedule, I have to make the extra effort to ensure I do not fall behind, so planning and daily reminders are part of my everyday routine.

For one to succeed with online learning one has to be very disciplined and proficient in time management. This is because it is so easy to fall behind or have assignments laps into each other if one is not careful. Online learning is different from traditional classroom learning when it comes to self motivation. The will to succeed is what gets me through because it can be very easy to not want to read or put off work to the last minute. The illusion of having time may become the detriment of many when the fast paced and self directed study can eat at ones time quickly. Unlike traditional learning, there isn’t the daily face to face contact with classmates and instructors. For those who thrive in such an environment they will find online learning very challenging. The traditional relationships and immediate feedback from professors and classmates as in an in-class setting is not a strong point of online learning.

Staying on task and building relationships with classmates can be difficult in an online class. With students in various geographic locations and time zones, I found Skype and online meetings help bridge that gap. Moreso, I am a very detail oriented, so I find I spend extra time reviewing material which can be at the cost of scheduled free time.

Online learning provides convenience, especially for those who have families and relocation is not an option. Online learning allows students to learn at their own pace, and tailor their review according to their learning styles. Mature students who don’t have the need to be in a traditional classroom often take advantage of this method of study. Overall online learning provides learning without borders.

I tackle my challenges head on. I use it as a means of motivation to keep me focused on my goals. Staying on task and the desire succeed in this program are my main impetus in ensuring I find the means to be as efficient and proficient at possible. Daily planners and my Smartphone are things I utilize and reference daily to ensure I meet my goals.


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