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More on My Preceptorship

This month (February) of my preceptorship consisted of Holter Scanning. I always enjoyed Holter Scanning at school with our Instructor Fe. Some of the Holters I have been scanning, were very interesting and I was happy that I was knowledgeable enough to identify the abnormalities. According to my preceptors, I have been performing well. I also got an opportunity to observe my preceptors completing a Holter scan just so I would be able to see different techniques. The result is always the same only different orders they do the scan and also some like to keep the interpretation short whereas others like me, prefer full sentences. After the 2nd of week of February, I found out that my preceptor has given me the opportunity to stay at VGH for the remaining weeks. I’m so happy to be able to complete my preceptorship at VGH. The amount of knowledge I gained from this site was HUGE.

On the following week I have been assigned to do MIBI Scans and I have been able to complete about 60 MIBI Tests that week and being consistent with using the required skills has made it possible for me to become confident in this area. The special experience at the site I found was being able to build great relationships with the Doctors, Staff and Preceptors. It is great to see that all health professionals were happy to have me learn within their team. After the week of nuclear stress testing, I have become very confident with performing the tests with confidence and had also received great feedback from my supervisors. I have been very lucky to have received an opportunity to continue my preceptorship at VGH. There is so much I have been learning about patients and also professional skills. I also have been able to attend a round at VGH where a lot Cardiology professionals attend a presentation in which a special topic will be discussed. This week’s topic was about Beta Blockers and to see if they also decrease the mortality rate or only are effective in treating patient’s symptoms.

To be honest, I have been fortunate to have a great teacher at the site who encouraged me to perform well and also willing to teach me. I’m really going to miss this site as even though I have not been here for that long, I have absorbed a lot of techniques from the others and figured out which works out for me. Moreover, I’m being respected and accepted into the department which makes me feel content and perform well. The staff at VGH has definitely made sure that I performed well and has gone far length to support me during my preceptorship. Thinking about that my practicum is coming to an end in about 2 weeks is unbelievable. The last 2 weeks, I will be doing evening and night shifts just to see how the shifts are done and also to get one more week of Holter Scanning.

I will keep you updated on my next blog and wish you all the best until then.

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