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Meet Leah – Cardiology Technologist Blogger

Hi! My name is Leah Curtis. I’m from a rural community in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and I am a student in the Cardiology Technologist Program.

I enjoy riding my horse and competing in shows, hiking, and exploring new places. I always loved the medical field and excelled in the math and sciences all throughout school, but was never sure what exactly to do after high school.

When you think about it, it really is a HUGE decision when choosing a career, especially when there’s so much pressure to know what career path you will be picking before you even graduate high school.

For me, it took a little longer to figure out what I wanted, but it all eventually fell into place.

In grade 12 I took a program that allowed me to spend 100 hours at a local hospital. I walked away knowing that a career in the medical field was what I wanted to do, but I still couldn’t decide on which one. I then took a few online health-related courses from a university in my province. During that time, the work that ended up being “second-nature” to me was the cardiovascular system. I really enjoyed it, so I then did some career research. I found Stenberg College shortly after that, and was amazed by the Cardiology Technologist program. I was so pleased when I found out it was offered as a distance program. It was perfect – study at home, still get all the lab time, clinicals, and hands-on experiences, with the bonus of only travelling to Halifax for my labs! This meant that I could still enjoy all the things I loved doing, while working towards an awesome career!

After finding the program, I contacted a local Registered Cardiology Technologist. She only had good things to say, both about the career and this college.

I then, excitedly, applied to the program. Stenberg’s Christine Douglas helped me through the entire process; the interview, entry exams, paperwork and more. A very daunting process at first actually flew by with ease, thanks to all the help I received. Shortly after that I was staring at my acceptance letter, knowing that I made the right decision and that I will be a Cardiology Technologist (even thinking about that makes me smile!).

As of now, I am in my eighth week of this program and I am loving it. There is an amazing group of instructors and students, and we are all like one big team. I’m very excited to be working towards my dream job with them!

Check out a video of our cardio tech students in action.

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