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Getting off the elevator on the seventh floor you are greeted with two floors-to-ceiling glass doors. Upon entering you are immediately greeted by the staff that fill the halls of Stenberg. They are always willing to go out of their way to accommodate you and your needs. Whether it is academic or as little as needing more water for your water bottle. They always help you with a smile, which in these days is rare to come across.

Not a typical college campus

The campus at Stenberg isn’t like your “typical” college campus; I mean it is in a high rise office building for starters. There are world class shops and restaurants, cafes and bars at our footsteps, which come in quite handy after a long, strenuous class. When you walk the halls you can feel the spirit of the school. From the friendly staff to the student’s lounging on the couches or at the computers.

Stenberg has a great campus life. Every month we have “Campus Life” challenges that the staff puts on. During the summer months we set up ice cream sundae tables throughout the halls, which was super nice to enjoy during the hot weather we just had. We also had a challenge where every classroom had a word and you had to go around to each room, get the word and put together a sentence and the winner won a free lunch. 

Campus life challenges

We had a “Be the Change” month in which every student got free tickets to a conference held in Langley. (Oh, did I mention we got to miss class for it?) That had future career opportunities as well as the Buried Life cast as speakers, you had a chance to win an iPad there too. And for the last month of summer every program got a step counter. The class that won with the most steps walked won a year gym membership, which would have been awesome! But my class didn’t win; we actually didn’t win any of the challenges come to think of it…:(

Stenberg does a great job at encouraging their students and staff to participate in campus life challenges and games. Throughout the year they set up student and staff surveys that we par-take it, and of course the class with the most students completing the survey win a free dinner.

Stenberg difference

When I attended the other school the only “campus life” we had was a (well it was actually mandatory) help the homeless day. We had to make packages filled with clothes, food, and more essentials and then distribute them across the Downtown Eastside. And although this was a pretty amazing experience and it served a great purpose, it was also part of our course so I didn’t recognize it as being part of my “campus life”. There was nothing that they did for their students that even compared to the level of gratitude that Stenberg has for their students.

Although I’m almost graduated from the HCA program, and am currently off campus on practicum I thankful for all that Stenberg has done for me during my program!

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