Hannah Calumag, Health Care Assistant blogger

Becoming a Health Care Assistant in Canada

Always take the risk for self-development.”

Hannah Calumag, Health Care Assistant blogger
I loved my life life in the Philippines, but am excited to live in Canada!

My name is Hannah Clemence Sophia C. Calumag and I am a risk taker. I grew up in a rural community in Bangui, Ilocos Norte Philippines as an only child and I think my parents did a great job of raising me. All my life I’ve had two teachers – my mom and dad.

My mom has educated me in all aspects of life, specifically in mental health and my dad has helped me develop my EQ (emotional quotient). Many people ask me why I chose to move away from my incredible life and parents, and why I decided to come to Canada to become a Health Care Assistant (HCA) through Stenberg College’s Health Care Assistant diploma program.

Why Canada? Why Health Care Assistant?

Although I was happy with my life, there are five main reasons I chose to become an HCA in Canada.

  1. Ethical altruism
    I was content with my life until it came time to go to college. I knew that I wanted something more and began thinking about the future – I wanted to pursue my dreams. I always believed in ethical altruism, which means to “live for others”. Because I loved helping people and wanted to live a life of ethical altruism, I chose to pursue the medical field and study to become a Health Care Assistant.
  2. Education abroad
    There are many aspiring nurses in my country and after graduation, about 85% of them look for jobs abroad. When they arrive in their destination country, some of them have to start school again or obtain further education to meet the requirements of the country. This is why I wanted to start my education in Canada.
  3. Life in Canada
    I was fascinated by the way of living here in Canada. I was excited about what it could offer, especially Stenberg College, in bringing me success.
  4. Financial independence
    I didn’t want to be a burden on my family, so I needed to find a way to meet my needs. Currently, I am working at Tim Hortons on the weekends so I can focus on my studies during the week. Despite the long distance from my parents, I have learned a lot about life and am so proud to spend money that I earned from my hard work.
  5. Self-development
    Finally, I chose this path for my self-development. I would not have learned as much if I continued with my life back home. I would not be able to destroy the bricks that were holding me from the opportunities that the world provides. That’s why I decided to break the chains and I was determined to find my place.

Choosing a college and arriving in Canada

Stenberg campus entrance
The entrance to Stenberg College.

During my search for the right college, I contacted every school that I came across and Stenberg was the first school to accommodate me. I was overwhelmed with how helpful they were as it was unexpected compared to the other schools. Within four months, all my papers were processed and I was ready to attend Stenberg.

When I first arrived at Stenberg, I was very shy and nervous since I didn’t know anyone. My class was very diverse and after a week, I found the courage to speak. I started by making friends with some of my Filipino classmates. As I’m about to begin my practicum, I want to give thanks to my instructors and classmates. They have helped me greatly improve as a person and have given me the confidence I need to complete my practicum.

Support and improvement

One thing that I appreciate the most about Stenberg is how they help and support the development of their students. We are their top priority.

For example, Anatomy and Physiology is one of the hardest courses. When we asked for guidance from the instructors, they did their best to schedule an extra class. Our instructor is a doctor, so she was very thorough and knowledgeable. Our exam schedules were provided ahead of time, so we had enough time to study. We reviewed material together in class with the help of our instructors, which is very helpful for us as it highlights the topics we need to focus on. This is why I can say I made the right choice and I’m happy that I’m fulfilling my dreams at Stenberg College.

As of now, I’m working on my skills in the laboratory. I’m very excited to begin my practicum and practice everything we have learned with real patients.

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Have Questions?

Ask a Program Advisor!

Do you live outside of Canada? Inquire on our international website!

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