Life as a Cardio Tech Student at Stenberg

Since I started the Cardiology Technologist Diploma Program earlier this year, it has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life, but I wouldn’t change it for anything! Working towards something you love, makes this so much more worth it.

Learning to study online

When I first started as a Cardio Tech student at Stenberg, I was a little nervous about learning online. I knew I had to be accountable for myself and complete the course work for each day. However, as this was what I wanted to do, studying was much more enjoyable as my motivation was in full strength to do my best. The good thing about online programs is that you can work from home and keep a full or part-time job. My classmates absolutely love this as some are parents, have jobs and live across Canada. I have a copious amount of respect for them as they can balance everything and excel greatly in class!

Watching Grey’s Anatomy pays off

The Cardio Technologist courses that have finished have all been so interesting and difficult in their own way. Medical terminology was the first course we had, which was a great introduction into the everyday words we would be hearing when we eventually begin our careers in the hospital. I watch a lot of Grey’s Anatomy and never really understood the terms until after this course. So, whenever I watch episodes with my boyfriend he now asks me what they mean, and I know them!! Felt a bit like a doctor after that. 😉

The Heart is the bread and butter of a Cardiology Technologist career

The next course was the most challenging as it was Anatomy and Physiology. It included a lot of memorizing – no slacking in this course by binge watching Grey’s. I learned so much about each body system and how they work and interact with each other as a cardio tech student. I’m so glad I chose a career path with the heart at its core! This organ is the life source that provides the energy and foundations for other organs in our body to function.

The bread and butter

Lastly, as a class we recently just finished the cardiac anatomy course. This is the “bread and butter”, as the teachers would say, of our careers! All my classmates were so excited to finally be able to learn what we signed up for in this program, the heart! Fun fact – the heart is the first organ with the circulatory system that is formed by as early as week three when we are fetuses. By day 22, our heart begins to beat on its own to pump nutrients and oxygen to grow the other organs!

I don’t think I have ever learned so much in such a short time, and I couldn’t have done this without my classmates helping each other stay accountable for our work and keeping everyone motivated. Most importantly, we all have to give credit to our amazing teachers that are always willing to help and provide such a great format for online learning!

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Have Questions?

Ask a Program Advisor!

Do you live outside of Canada? Inquire on our international website!

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