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It’s Official – Finished the Cardio Tech Program

Program: Cardiology Technologist

Well folks, it is official: I have completed my cardiology technology program. The downside is the biggest hurdle is yet to come, but I can say I feel I am well prepared to tackle the national registration exam. So I have finished all my theory courses, finished my labs, finished my practicum and celebrated it all with a graduation.

The highlights of this whole program stand out a lot more now that I am done rather than when they were actually happening. I can see how much theory I have learned in the past year, how far myself and my fellow cardiology technology grads have come. I have kept all my notes from each course (and I recommend anyone taking this course do the same) and have been using them to study for the national exam. I have to admit it is a pretty big stack of papers. In labs I received excellent hands on experience into what the exam may entail, was able to get hands on help on my weak areas, and learned awesome study skills from my instructors. During my practicum I have made connections with Stenberg alumni who have guided me along the way. I used the skills I learned in theory so often that it has now become second nature. I look back and think “I cannot believe there was a point in time where I had to learn what a PVC is” because it is all so natural to me now. That is pretty impressive.

With the course I have made lifelong friends and mentors that I will carry with me through my career. I know exactly who to e-mail when I have a pacemaker question or I see something really cool on an ECG. I hope that I will maintain these friendships throughout my career. That is part of what makes this program so great. Another great way that you can achieve this is already done for you. You are integrated into the work environment while you are still learning the material. It is much less of a transition which is great for the students to forage friendships and mentorships. Stenberg is also amazing at recognizing and rewarding student success. We had a great celebration for graduation (for me in Halifax) which all my lab instructors actually attended. I think this is wonderful that they are so great at showing their support to the students and it is much appreciated.

So sadly (or not so sadly) that means I am done my course now that I have graduated. It is truly bittersweet but I will never forget how great everyone I met through Stenberg was to me. It was a year full of ups and downs and I would not have gotten through it if not for the constant support I received. I would recommend this or similar programs at Stenberg to anyone. It is a great way to get the knowledge and skills you need to have a great career. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way!


To know more about Cardiology Technologist Program and Career, check out this video.

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