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I’m very convinced that this semester is going great for all Stenberg Students. In this blog, I would like to update everyone about the progress of our classes so far. Until now, we have completed four courses which were very interesting to study. Specially, the Anatomy and Physiology course which our Instructor Steve has taught to us. The reason why I liked the Anatomy course was because I have gained a lot of additional knowledge in Pathophysiology (Study of the Disease) which helps me now to understand how and where a disease is caused and how it is being treated. The challenging part for me in particular was that I had to work on proper time management to be able to work at home on pre reading a chapter before class and also to prepare for the next day’s chapter test. But with a lot of support from my classmates and my instructor, I was able to pass the course successfully.

The easiest part for me so far was to be able to make friends and also to get used to the study routine in terms of waking up early mornings, completing house chores and also completing homework. I’m really enjoying each new day of class by being able to see my classmates and TO LEARN THE UNKNOWN. I’m very grateful for having such great Instructors who really devote themselves to teach us and to see us succeed in each course. We as a class have grown as team and work Together to achieve good grades. To be honest, the material taught was for sure difficult to understand but again, the support from my classmates who were willing to come early or stay latest in class to explain the material to me was a great help including our instructors support.

The only thing I have been surprised in regards to the content is on how a single organ like the heart can be affected by so many different diseases and also I’m amazed on how Technology has given the Medical field an opportunity to treat diseases and help recover heart patients so that they can regain their life. I’m very proud to say that I have definitely chosen the right career which will give me an opportunity to save someone’s life. I can’t wait to see how the upcoming courses will go as I’m very eager to learn more about Cardiology. At this point I would also like to convey a special message to our Cardiology GURU, Instructor, Mr. Ramon Estella who is an amazing humorous human being who enjoys teaching my class and tries to make us understand Cardiology in an easy effective way of approach. “Thank you, Mr. Estella” 

And my dear readers, I will keep you updated about the upcoming courses. Thank you for reading.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential . . . these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” –Confucius



To know more about Cardiology Technologist Program and Career, check out this video.

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