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Cardio Tech Preceptorship Wrap Up

Hello Everyone, I can’t believe that I’m so near to home stretch of my practicum. It has been a great experience having to learn so much medical matters and also being able to find friends. I’m very happy that my preceptors have been satisfied with my performance and also grateful that I’ve been helpful. Completing a practical experience just at the end of a program is amazing. You really get to put all of your theoretical knowledge into practice. Since, I’ve been having an amazing time at VGH, I really miss not being able to go back to work there anymore. I miss my supervisors and also the doctors I worked close with. I highly recommend students if there is as an opportunity to complete their preceptorship at VGH due to the huge amount of medical knowledge one can get. What I’ve learned from my whole experience is that when people show you that they believe in you, anyone can perform well.

Preceptorship Wrap-up – I Did It!

The last week of my practicum I got to spend time doing holter scanning. Holter Scanning and ETTs are my favorites out of everything. Since, I have not done any night shifts, I decided to do Holter scanning during the night shift due to the fact that it was quite and the room for holter scanning has been not occupied by staff. Another interesting things was that I got to meet the Cardio techs of the night shifts. On my last day of practicum I could not believe that I was finally done with the 1 year journey of becoming a Cardiology Technologist. Now, I only have one more month left to study for the CSCT Exam and then I will be a Registered Cardiology Technologist. The path to become a Cardio Tech was very rough since I had to balance my studies with family and work. But I’m very happy that I pulled it together with the support of my husband, teachers and friends. If any of you reading this blog are thinking about considering a program at Stenberg College, I can’t emphasize enough what of a great college this is. I can assure you that if you decide to become a Stenberg Student, you will have a once in a lifetime experience that will be life changing and rewarding.

I wish everyone only the best and thank you so much for letting me guide you through my journey in becoming a Cardiology Technologist.


Check out a video of our cardio tech students in action.

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