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There are so many cool things that happen around us. There is always an event happening around campus. Being a student has it’s perks. Great food, activities, and introductions to many cultures. I’m excited to see what happens in the Spring and Summer around campus. So far the Fall and Winter have been fun filled with activities.

So far I have been around for Halloween, which involved a contest of decorating the door and windows. It was our first school event and it was so much fun. Another class won, but we had a very good display as well, and we all had fun partaking. Around Christmas time there was a Gingerbread Contests, which was very fun and competitive as well. There was also raffle baskets all the classes put together to be won. There are pictures of every event at the school. Which is nice to look back on in the future, and for other students to see how much fun we were having. Recently there was Easter and then Vaisakhi where there were samosas and other yummy treats as well.

This week is the starting of night classes, it’s very different from mornings. With mornings you have the rest of your day. School is over with. Also we had the luxury of attending all the campus events. Evening classes are just a bit different. We still will be involved, it will just be in the evening now. For morning classes it was quieter, everything was opening up around 10 am. The usual break time for my class. There seems to always be something going on around Central City. You are right in the heart of things and sometimes before classes I like to sit and take it all in. To watch all the people rushing off to their busy lives is intriguing to me.

The transition into evening classes has been smoother than I originally thought it would be. I was expecting for it to be a bit harder. The first week will be finding out more about our Hospital Support Specialist roles. Also learning about all the different areas I can get a job. This will be from guest Speakers who are in the positions that I can apply at. It is very interesting for me to hear from these people. The first Guest Speaker was tonight and I learned a lot, I have a better understanding of what the duties and responsibilities would entail in the Health Records, Registration and Admitting roles. These also have different areas that I can get a job in. These are just the tip of the iceberg. There is many more areas of the Hospital I have yet to learn about. This is the first week of the HSS part of the course. The first part was the Medical Office Assistant role. I am so ready to hear about the rest of the areas I will be learning about and the following week I will be going to the Hospital and doing hands on training in the system that Surrey Memorial and other surrounding hospitals use. My interests are in quite a few of the different areas. So I can’t wait! I will keep you updated on how it’s going!


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