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Why I Chose Early Childhood Education

Since I was little, I have loved children and I was one of those people that had all the neighborhood children doing something. I have always looked after children and everywhere I went I managed to find a child and look after them. I loved it! But I always thought that I could never be a teacher but somehow I was always involved in teaching children in indirect ways or even directly when I ended being the Sunday School teacher at our local church. From there on I was involved with children: by been a nanny and even becoming a substitute teacher. When I became a substitute teacher I found out about Stenberg College because I had a possible opportunity to start working at a childcare centre or preschool, so Stenberg sounded interesting. I didn’t really do much research but I heard that it was a great school with great fabulous teachers. At that time, I was working with an open working visa so I am pretty much an international student, so I know that as an international student – schools are much more expensive but Stenberg wasn’t, it’s the same price for everybody international or non-international students. The other thing that caught my attention is that they let you do flexible payments and again since I’m an international student that was exactly what I needed since I couldn’t get a student loan because I’m an international student, and no other school let’s international students do flexible payments. Those were the reasons why I joined Stenberg College and I’m so happy I did!

I enjoy working with children because I love the way they look at the world. I love to see them grow and I love to see all the things they learn and how surprised they are at things. It is that innocence that makes them so unique, I like to see how genuine they are and at the same time I love to learn from them. Even though they might be little, they are great teachers just because of the way they see life. That is why us, as teachers, have to be careful what we are teaching those children because they are like sponges absorbing everything that is happening around them, either good or bad. That’s when our role come in play, to show them that not everything that they choose to do is good or safe for them and teach them how to make a right choice. But we also need to be careful because we are the role models and if we do not have good habits, even though we try very hard to teach them good habits, they’re going to follow more the behaviour than the words. And that is the reason why I chose to study ECE, because it’s a huge responsibility to take care of a child, you can help him grow or you can mess their life, maybe not in a short period of time but it will reflect in his/her personality when they grow up.   
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