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What ESL Students Should Look for in a Career College

Moving to a country like Canada can be a wonderful opportunity for an individual to begin a new career. Every year, Canada accepts 250,000 immigrants into the country—a strong number which reflects Canada’s growing economy and diverse cultural landscape. To adapt to this changing landscape, Canadian career colleges have begun redesigning their programs to suit the needs and requirements of English as a Second Language (ESL) speakers. Read on to find out what ESL students might look for in a career college today to get the most fulfilling experience.

ESL Programs

English is the second most spoken language in the world, behind Mandarin. On top of this, English is one of the most widespread languages spoken around the globe. Because there is such an open immigration policy in Canada, there are already many measures in place to help speakers of other languages communicate and adapt in an English environment. In some career colleges, free English Preparatory Programs are standard, and ensure that a new student will have the ability to confidently complete their nursing unit clerk training without English being an additional hurdle. In these ESL classes, students may engage in group discussion, role-play scenarios, practice writing essays and practice taking notes.

Family Flexibility

New Canadians training for a new career may have a family that they are also trying to support, which is why flexibility is a must-have for career colleges. Career colleges may offer flexibility in the form of online nursing programs, online cardiology technician training, or a number of other online courses, which make it so that studying doesn’t have to take away from family responsibilities.

College-offered ESL classes can also benefit the children of the student. Parents who are fluent in English can be more active in their children’s school and social life. When a parent can maintain their parental role and not need translation from their children, the family structure can be maintained.

Placement Programs

ESL students often attend a career college for the ability to get started on a new and better-paying career as quickly as they can. Many healthcare programs at career colleges offer clinical placements in order to get graduates well-immersed in their chosen career path, and earn a full-time position after their their placement.

Placement programs also help ESL students gain a sense of trust in their college—knowing that their education and career needs are a priority. Placement programs are especially helpful for ESL students to learn the ins and outs of their chosen workplace. Not every country in the world will do things like Canada, and placement programs help a new Canadian navigate the Canadian workforce—often for the first time.

What else should an ESL student look for in a career college? What can make their education experience better?

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