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Our Captivating Instructor in the Practical Nursing Program

Program: Practical Nursing

One of the essential components to not only passing nursing school, but also enjoying nursing school, is a good instructor. Throughout my education, I’ve learned a bad instructor can definitely make or break a course. Even if it’s my favorite course, or a course I’m really good at, a bad instructor can make me hate the topic all while completely deflating any ounce of confidence I ever had in my ability to do well in the course. Thank goodness this isn’t the case in the PN1014 cohort.

Rebecca, is our main instructor. She originally only taught us INP in first semester, but after we begged her to teach us Pharmacology 200 as well as INP 200, she now teaches us every 300 course except VIH. From the very first day we met her, I think I can speak for the entire class when I say we were all very intimidated. I was shocked to learn how young she is, considering she’s one of the most professional people I’ve ever met. Rebecca is an extremely captivating teacher, and always manages to make every lab & lecture interesting. Our cohort has become very competitive in doing our personal best, and we definitely have her to thank, as it’s become an excellent learning atmosphere in the classroom. She has the best balance with pushing us, but also encouraging us. In first semester lab testing she made us all very afraid of the word “why”, but after 10 months of us looking like deer in headlights when hearing that word, we’ve learned to appreciate it. Rebecca taught us to know the theory behind everything. Personally I can tell a difference in my learning style over just 10 months, as she’s not only taught me how to be a better student, but she’s setting me up to be a good nurse with good critical thinking skills. As a working LPN in her “free” time, she keeps us up to date with the protocols, as well as relevant stories from the hospital she works at. Rebecca is also a former Stenberg student, so it has become very motivating and reassuring that someone like her developed from the program we’re currently taking.

As we’ve progressed in the program, she has gotten to know us on a more personal level, and we can now joke around with her in class. It’s nice to be able to share laughs with everyone during lab & lecture, especially with the stress heightening every day, Rebecca still lets us have fun. Personally I struggle with taking things too seriously, and putting way too much pressure on myself, so when class is sometimes the best part of my day, that really says something about the instructor.

Writing this blog post has made me realize how far my cohort has come, but also, how little we have left to go. We have 2 weeks left of third semester, and then we’ll be into the home stretch of 4 months in 400 level courses. I’ve chatted around with students in my cohort & we’ve all said we have Rebecca to thank for all of our success so far & we’re all going to miss her once 4th term is over. We all look up to her and appreciate all the time and effort she puts into helping us become the best nurses we can be!


Check out this video of our Practical Nursing Program.

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