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You can work while studying online at Stenberg!   Love the concept!

Therapeutic Recreational online studies are challenging, well thought out and tightly scheduled program.  Every week you need to hand in  a quiz, an assignment or an exam or all of them. When I first looked at the calender of schedule  I panicked. “How am I ever going to cope with this load of assignments every week.”!  You are in consistent roll of studies and deadlines. Anyway, once I started the school the studies and study time become more like a routine. Once I got the routine and expectations of the curriculum under control I was able to continue my volunteer work. I volunteer at an  Independent  assisting- living place in Vancouver. Last December I lucked into a job at an Independent Assisting living in Coquitlam.  I am so thrilled to be working and volunteering  in places that are related directly to my online studies. I find it to be an absolutely perfect balance between online studies and work. From the valuable online courses I have been able to apply my learning to my work and volunteer jobs.  I basically do my practicum while I am moving along with my studies.  Well that’s a concept! WIN-WIN situation!  At first, I thought that I  may have taken too much on my plate but actually the reality is quite opposite. Why?  When you work or volunteer you do hands on tasks what you have learned from studies. Working in related job enhance your study skills and speeds up your study time.  Work and volunteering do not affect to your studies but rather accelerate your learning. Here is a story that may help to see the importance of working and studying collaboratively. One day at work in the assisting living place, a resident approached me after our fitness class.  She asked me if I knew anything  about  the long term care complex  that it is next to our building. She was concerned about it because her husband’s dementia has gone so bad that they have to move him to the long term care. This is a sensitive scenario where you need to be prepare  as a TR, what you will say to alleviate any anxiety. I managed the situation well. Thanks for the online studies and outstanding  teachers at Stenberg!
Ok, now I have mentioned that I study, volunteer and work. It looks like a lot of work  and not much down time . However, I still have time for the gym.  You just need to prioritize your time and be comfortable with your chosen path and  routine and be committed to whatever you decide to do and plan  for success. The way I look at  it, since I am in school I might as well maximize my time effectively.  When I am out of school I already have some knowledge of recreational therapy. Collaborating work and school assist you in choosing the right place to work. Through volunteer and work you can experience what is it that you like and what and where you definitely do or do not want work. Gets your feet wet!  Besides Vancouver rain:)

So how do I get a job if I don’t have a Stenberg Recreation Therapist Diploma yet?. Here is a good practise for you. Collect all your work, studies, volunteer, achievements, hobbies and interest and start look at them objectively and you will find transferable skills. As example, if you worked on grocery store you learn communication skills, customer service and dealing with customers complains, which shows that you know something about conflict resolution. These are all benefits working with Older Adults. It is amazing what you already know!
Once I listed my transferable skills I sent my resume out. Don’t worry if you don’t have much on your resume. All you need an interview and you will shine your skills and, manners and attitude because it shows you are motivated to work in the field. Once you have a Diploma from Stenberg and work experience you are ahead of the game. The greatest thing is that Stenberg teachers, faculty and classmates are all there for motivating and helping you to get through. Simply rewarding experience!

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