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Top Ten Reasons Why Therapeutic Recreation is a Meaningful Career

As we age, simple activities we have always loved may become more difficult. Whether it is walking along the seawall, singing karaoke, or cooking at home; age can sneak up on us and our bodies may start to slow down.

Therapeutic Recreation Assistants are tasked with the important job of making sure older adults stay active and engaged as they age. In doing so, they bring happiness and health to the lives of older adults.

We wanted to learn more about the role Therapeutic Recreation Assistants play in keeping community members active. Engaged and excited for life. That is why we chatted with Stenberg Therapeutic Recreation Assistant graduates to find out why they believe Therapeutic Recreation is essential for older adults.

Here is What they had to say:

  1. We are important in maintaining the healthy lifestyle of an older adult in social, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual ways. – Jaspreet 
  2. We provide enhanced quality of life to residents who no longer have the ability to do things they loved to do before. – Kayla 
  3. We are able to provide special moments individualized to the residents’ needs. – Helena 
  4. We help control stress and reduce depression by finding joy in everyday life. – Jaspreet 
  5. We motivate older adults and help them re-discover meaning in their lives. – Terri 
  6. We become a family for our seniors and lend a helping hand wherever we can. – Kayla 
  7. We help people have a purpose to their day, to wake up and have something to look forward to. – Holly 
  8. We help improve and maintain cognition of residents. – Mackenzie 
  9. We provide them with an outlet to reach out to their families via technology. We listen to them during their tough days and we cheer them up by providing one-on-one time. – Pavan 
  10. We give something meaningful to those who have given back their whole lives to their communities. – Kayla 
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