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Life Changing Instructors in the Practical Nursing Program

There are so many words I can describe the teachers at Stenberg. If I were to use two words it would be “experienced” and “knowledgeable”. I believe the reason I am a successful students is because of them. Every class that I have had from the start of my program, my teachers have been amazing. They have taught class in many different ways that will benefit different learning styles of the students. They have incorporated group activities, visual aids, Powerpoint, in-class discussion and examples from their own experiences. This not only allows us to try to understand the experiences but also what to be aware of when we are in the hospital or residential setting.

The great thing about the teachers of Stenberg is the fact they are practicing nurses. They know what is out there, what the new education or skills that we have to learn and what the employers are looking for in fresh students when hiring. This gives us a great advantage over other students from different schools. I have 4 different teachers in particular that changed my life.

The first is my Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Steve. In the beginning of the term taking Anatomy and Physiology, trying to find where I fit in, trying to find my weaknesses and strengths and trying to juggle family life with student life was very difficult; but he made it seem like it was doable. In the very beginning he used encouraging comments and words and gave examples of life changing stories that took place in Stenberg to other students. It was so emotional and touching, and particular stories have stuck with me now even through my third term.

The other teachers that I have that have had great impact on my education are Rebecca, Golriz, and Anita. These teachers, I can not praise enough. I wish that there are more teachers like them in every school because we need people like this in our society to benefit the world as a whole. Rebecca, although she is young, she is so experienced and knowlegeable. As a student when I need to talk to someone I would go to her. She not only understands but the advice and examples she gives goes a long way. Golriz was my Professional Communications teacher. Her way of communicating and teaching is extremely touching. Sitting in a class room and hearing her teach was what I looked forward to in Professional Communications. When she gave examples she got emotional herself which made it more real. Anita is just plain amazing. The examples she uses from her work place is extremely real. One thing about her is that she is an LPN, but works with employers to see what is the new out there. Having her as a teacher is so beneficial. She goes out of her way to bring us forms or information that the employers are looking for. ALL in all , I am saying is that the Stenberg teachers are amazing. They not only teach, but are there for you at all times. Even teachers that I have never had, I am comfortable in going to them for assistance or advice. As a student what more could a person want?

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