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Full-Time Schooling

Well for myself I liked going to school full-time. I think I liked the idea of going to school all week and have the weekends off to be able to do some homework than going to school for a few hours during the week and then spending most of the day on Saturday at school. For me, personally, it was very hard especially with being married and having two children. Although I do understand if you have to work, it’s very hard to balance work and school but I worked part-time and a few classmates worked part-time too.

I think you do have to manage a lot in your plate but I think is worth it and it’s only for a year, I think you can manage craziness for one year, especially if you have family that gives you their support a 100%. In my case my family supported me a 100%, especially my husband. When you are married and have children, you and your family have to be a team then you can accomplish things better. The way my husband and I managed everyday was: he dropped the children to school and I took the bus to school, since we only had one car at that time. Then he headed to work (of course this was possible because my husband works for himself, he has his own company, otherwise this wouldn’t have been possible) then he picked the children from school. When I had to work after school and he took them to their afterschool programs then we met at home for supper and the times that I worked, he prepared the supper . When I didn’t have to work after school, I came straight from school and picked the children and came home to prepare the supper. Then I took the children to their afterschool classes or if my husband was done work for that time, he took them to school and when they were in their afterschool programs. I had the opportunity of doing homework until we had supper together then my husband put the children to sleep while I was finishing homework so I could go to sleep at a reasonable time and that was most of our year.

And during weekends, depending on how much homework I had, I had to do homework but I always tried to do my homework during the morning and part of the afternoon and tried to have the evening free to do something with my children. They also had to sacrifice a lot. They had many weekends inside the house while I was doing homework, especially those days that I had lots of homework I didn’t had a chance to do anything with my family and sometimes my husband had to work during the weekends and they had to stay home all weekend finding things to do by themselves. I mean like playing at home, whatever game instead of going to a park or for a walk or doing something fun together. But when my husband didn’t have to work and I had homework to do he definitely did something fun with our children, without me. For us, we like to spend time together as a family, it’s very important, so it was hard when we couldn’t spend time together but overall we tried our best to balance everything and succeed.


Check out a video of Early Childhood Educators career.

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