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4 Ways Busy College Students Can Improve Their Study Habits

College can be a stressful time for many students, especially when they have tons of additional commitments and responsibilities like work and family. The last thing that any student wants is to fall behind in school because they are too busy to keep up with the workload.

One foolproof way to ensure that you maintain a good average throughout college is to work on improving some of your study habits. Different techniques work for different people; therefore, the key to effective studying is to find methods that compliment your personal learning style.

If you are planning to pursue college studies, or you have recently started your program, read on for some tips on boosting your study habits and achieving college success.

1. Find a Quiet Spot to Study on Your College Campus

Some people are able to study at home, but the vast majority of career college students report that there are actually far too many distractions in their homes that affect their focus. You might find that studying in a quiet spot on campus is best, since this will allow you to do your work either before or after your classes. The college’s library, study hall or perhaps a quiet coffee house are all great study spots. Remember to find a place that’s easily accessible and close to your college campus or home.

2. Form a Study Group With Fellow College Students

Studying with a few of your peers can be a great way to accelerate your college training. Group study is especially helpful for some of your more challenging courses, since you will be able to discuss your own ideas as well as those of your peers. And of course, this will allow you to gain a better understanding of the course material.

3. Plan Your Study Sessions in Advance

Finding the time to study in your busy schedule can sometimes be quite challenging; however, committing to at least a few hours each day is critical, especially if you are hoping to keep your grades up. Try dedicating a specific time each day to your studies. This way, you will form a routine that will help you stay on track. Additionally, your chances of succumbing to any last-minute cramming will be greatly reduced.

4. Handwrite All of Your Notes

Although laptops are great for research and typing your assignments, most students find that they aren’t the best when it comes to taking notes. Of course there is no denying that note-taking is a lot quicker when using a computer; however, it is much more difficult to retain the information that you are typing. This is mainly because there are far too many distractions on such devices, including games, music, photos, social media and more.

Handwriting all of your notes will ensure that you stay focused and retain more information. Students who are worried that they will not be able to decode their messy handwriting could transfer their handwritten notes to a laptop at a later date.

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