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The Rewards and Challenges of an Education Assistant Career

Education Assistants are an integral part of our education system. They help children and teenagers with emotional, mental, and physical disabilities achieve their full potential. Education Assistants help to:

  • Implement program plans
  • Help prepare class materials
  • Supervise students in structured and unstructured settings
  • Promote the inclusion of students in the classroom
  • Record data on the development and educational needs of students
  • Work in a team environment with other professionals like teachers and speech language pathologists

While this career offers its own unique rewards, it will also come with particular challenges. If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in education, then read on to find out the benefits and difficulties of Education Assistant work, and whether it’s the right path for you.

Education Assisting is Meaningful Work that Helps Others

There are few paths as rewarding as a career in education. If you decide to work in education, then you get to know that every day, your work is making a difference.

Children and teenagers who require educational assistance appreciate the dedication and attentiveness of their instructors. They benefit from their guidance—and that support can make a huge difference in their confidence, happiness, and academic achievement.

Students enrolled in Education Assistant training often say that the desire to help others is the primary reason why they chose a rewarding career in education.

Education Assistants Have Strong Employment Prospects

There’s no doubt that Education Assistants are in demand. A growing understanding of disabilities, as well as better diagnosis, is leading to a greater need for highly skilled professionals to work with children and teens in today’s schools. Due to this high demand, the vast majority of students who graduate with an Education Assistant diploma are employed within six months of finishing their education.

Education Assistant Work Can Be Stressful

While Education Assistant careers can be extremely rewarding, they can also be stressful. Education Assistants work with children and teens who can feel frustrated about their lack of academic progress, or might feel unmotivated because of the extra challenges they face. EAs are therefore more likely to encounter tantrums or outbursts that can add stress to their workday.

Education Assistants Might Sometimes Feel Unappreciated

While the parents and students that they interact with regularly will appreciate their hard work, professionals in Education Assisting can sometimes feel less appreciated by their colleagues or the public in general.

This attitude stems from a misconception that the work Education Assistants do is easy. Many people might not be aware of the rigorous coursework and thorough training that goes into obtaining a diploma in Education Assisting. With more knowledge of childhood disabilities, will come a greater appreciation and understanding of the hard work that Education Assistants perform.

Education Assisting is About Connecting With Others and Making a Difference

Professional Education Assistants work closely with students—usually the same ones every day of the year. That close bond between educator and student is an incredibly rewarding experience. Often educators will find that they learn just as much from their students as their students learn from them!

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