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Learning About Roles in Hospital Administration and Learning Meditech

Program: Medical Office Assistant

Now into our second week of evening classes. We (my classmates and I) have had guest speakers that informed us about the Health Records and Diagnostic Imaging. They just explained what we would do and what avenues that could be followed within those fields. They also explained the casual and part time/full-time positions. You start off as a casual in the Hospitals and work all sorts of different shifts, to gain seniority. It all varies, but a lot of times I will be working weekends or nights. In order to build up hours, I will take what I can get. I can also work part time as an Medical Office Assistant, if it’s slow or that fact that I want steady work during the week. I could pick up at the hospital on the weekends. I like this course a lot because there is so many different areas you can work. I personally am very interested in Diagnostic Imaging and Admitting in The Emergency department. It is fast paced and your constantly doing something, I like that. I like to move and have a few things on the go. I’ve always multitasks, having two boys, who are constantly moving, I became accustomed to it.

Last week was the first week of learning the Meditech system. Which is the system that you get registered into as a patient in the hospital. It was quite easy to follow and it took a few times to remember everything. There was a few times I had to go back because I forgot something. With one week in, I think, it went pretty good. Still there is so much to learn and I can’t wait. The religion of doing the day to day tasks, the more it will be stuck in my head It’s also a great time to learn and iron out all the mistakes you need to. I have also created a small hand book that I will keep with me for my practicum in the fall. It consists of medical term abbreviations and this week I added some hospital codes. The codes for each hospital and the codes for all the emergency rooms. I will add more as I go along. There is other notes as well. It’s a handy little book. I will learn more this week on the system, then move onto the next module of Health Records. This year is flying by, I cannot believe I am already into week 31. It has been flying by and before I know it I will be on my practicum and almost graduated. It’s going to be so exciting. This week will be learning more of the Meditech system, so we know all of the hospital procedures and different scenarios that happen. Including what happens with Out of Province patients and I am just glad we are getting a lot of practice and have the ability to ask our instructor if I am unsure of what to do. I make a lot of notes as well, so when I do it the next time I know what I did wrong before and correct it so I don’t make that same mistake again. It’s a good time to iron out all the bugs. I know I won’t get everything perfect the first time, but I will remember what I did wrong and learn from that.


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