Feel the fear. Do it anyway.

Watch Serena Michajluk confidently walk into a room, and you’d never imagine that her “past self” was a mere shadow of the person she is today. At 44 years old, Serena has finally found fulfillment in her career and her…
SERENA MICHAJLUK, Therapeutic Recreation Assistant
Licensed Optician
Taylor Mccarthy

How Taylor’s stars aligned

At just 21 years old, Taylor McCarthy is proud of her career as a Licensed Optician in Red Deer, Alberta. She works closely with her mentor and boss, Philip Ripley, an experienced Licensed Optician with over four decades of experience.…
TAYLOR MCCARTHY, Licensed Optician
Licensed Optician
Gabriel Visentin

An eye for success

Meet Gabriel Visentin, the 2022 Optician Student of the Year and our 2nd runner-up! Gabriel grew up in Lethbridge, Alberta. At the age of 14, he decided he was looking for more opportunities, and relocated to Toronto for boarding school.…
Gabriel Visentin | Licensed Optician

Art and soul

When it comes to first jobs, everyone must start somewhere. For most of us, it’s working part-time at a fast-food restaurant or a busy clothing store. For 19-year-old Rachel H, it’s helping the hospital run smoothly as a Hospital Clerk.…
Rachel Howey, Hospital Support Specialist & Nursing Unit Clerk graduate in cap and gown

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