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5 Ways You Can Be a Successful Pharmacy Technician

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Do you envision yourself having a job where you can help others lead healthier lives? Perhaps you’re a people-person who would do well assisting those who need guidance choosing healthcare products. If so, you might consider pursuing a career at a hospital or retail pharmacy as a pharmacy technician.

What is a pharmacy technician? As a vital part of our healthcare industry, pharmacy technicians work alongside pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in order to make a profound difference to the well-being of other people.

While this career choice is very rewarding, these professionals are also presented with many challenges on a daily basis. Successful pharmacy technicians boast a unique skill-set, which includes work ethic, attention to detail, teamwork skills and professional knowledge.

If you are planning to enroll in pharmacy technician courses, or you’ve already started your program, read on to learn some of the attributes of a great pharmacy tech.

1. Pharmacy Technicians must be Detailed-Oriented and Meticulous

Everybody makes mistakes, but when dispensing specialized prescription drugs to patients, the smallest error can have great consequences. So it is crucial that a pharmacy technician maintain the highest standards of accuracy in his or her daily work, often while performing several tasks at a time.

As a technician, you’ll find that that each of your duties, such as filling prescriptions, correctly labelling and categorizing stock, and verifying patients’ information, requires you be constantly vigilant to guard against errors.

2. Successful Pharmacy Technicians are Great Communicators

Working on the front lines of the healthcare system, pharmacy technicians are required to deal with vulnerable patients every day. So excellent people skills are a must. A good technician will be compassionate and make patients feel at ease, while also dispensing medical advice in terms that are easy to understand.

However, it isn’t just the public that a good technician is must communicate with. Pharmacy technicians mostly work as part of a larger healthcare team. Depending on their particular lab environment, they may find themselves dealing with large teams of technicians, physicians, or other healthcare professionals.

Working in an industry where accuracy is crucial, a good technician must ensure that drug names are written correctly, patient details are passed to other professionals correctly, and that everyone along the supply chain fully understands one another.

3. Today’s Pharmacy Technicians Need to Keep Up with Technology

Advances in technology mean that the tools pharmacy technicians use are always changing. It is vital that these professionals keep up-to-date with the latest software, mobile applications and lab equipment—all of which will help technicians to work more efficiently.

4. A Good Technician Stays Focused and Energetic All Day Long

It’s important to remember that in order to take care of other people’s health, you have to look after your own as well. A pharmacy technician will be on their feet for large parts of the day, moving between tasks constantly. Therefore, it’s vital to keep your energy levels up. Staying healthy will also help you remain focused throughout long shifts, so it’s less likely that you will make mistakes.

5. Successful Pharmacy Technicians Never Stop Learning

Once you complete your program and become a pharmacy technician, don’t make the mistake of thinking your education has finished. The healthcare industry is always changing, with new drugs and treatments being developed, technological advances and new research.

It’s important for pharmacy technicians to try to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their field. Medical and pharmaceutical journals, health blogs and training courses are all great resources for any pharmacy technician looking to advance their knowledge in this fast-paced, developing field. For pharmacy technicians, it really is true that you learn something new every day!

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