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In one of the latest modules we learned about how much of an impact your lifestyle and choices can make on pretty much all aspects of your life. It can affect your personal life, social life and most importantly it can affect your work life. We learned how to realize problem areas we had when it came to lifestyle choices and how to help make better choices in area’s we needed improving, one of the projects we did was keep a 4 week journal on foods , liquids , sleep, exercise and money spent. I found that by writing these things down you can really paint yourself a picture about any unhealthy habits you have and you can also see all the improvements and changes that you make. I find it is a good way to hold yourself accountable. I realized just how much better I felt when I was eating healthy, exercising and getting proper sleep as opposed to the times that I wasn’t. I was even getting less headaches!

This session helps prepare you for when you are working in the field – You need to be mentally and physically fit when you are working. You have to be able to transfer patients (some which may be fairly heavy) assist them with toileting and various other tasks that you need to be able to count on your body to accomplish. If you are making poor choices in your life ie ) not eating properly / unhealthy diet , drinking too much alcohol or smoking this may hinder your ability to be able to perform your job duties. Lack of sleep and unhealthy habits can also affect you mentally which is also a huge hindrance in performing your job. You need to take care of yourself first and foremost because if you are not healthy and fit your patient and/or you could both get injured.

In parts of this module we learn how to use critical thinking as this is a crucial part of being a Health Care Assistant. Critical thinking is basically being able to think quickly on your feet. There is going to be certain situations where you are going to have to make quick decisions and you need to be able to think clearly and effectively. A lot of the times the Health Care Assistants are the main contact with the care staff and the patient and you need to able think properly and make the right decisions , not being able to do this can also lead to workplace accidents. I really enjoyed that they added this module into the course because it helps teach us health habits. We also learned how to make sure we don’t get “burnt out” , this meaning that we don’t push ourselves past our limits and end up making a serious mistake that can lead to injury and or time off work. We learned different techniques on how to care for ourselves ie) don’t take your work home with you , don’t take things personal and learn to make time for just you. I really learned a lot about myself and things I can improve , I also got to see all the good and positive things I am doing in regards to my lifestyle and choices.


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